anyone can hang up a shingle…

In today’s publishing marketplace, authors are trying new things all the time. Indie publishing has come a long way and authors are exerting more creative control and putting books out their on your own. But no book is a one-man (or one-woman) show. Authors know when to hire professionals to help them with covers, formatting, and editorial. But in a marketplace that’s growing exponentially every day, it’s hard to know who to hire.

I’ve been working with self-published authors for a few years, and I can tell you that experience makes a big difference. I’ve done projects with the big publishers and indie authors for nearly fifteen years, and I have experience in editorial and formatting that can help you put your best book out there. Contact me today and we’ll chat about what we can do together to make your book as good as it can be.

editorial services! hello!

Welcome to Echo Editorial. You can find more about my experience and editorial services on the about page, but I figured I’d take the opportunity of the site’s launch to talk a little about what I’m looking to do.

I have a pretty wide range of experience, working mostly on nonfiction and textbooks, but I’m looking to transition into editing more fiction. I’ve been copyediting and proofreading for ten years, and I’ve done development work on genre fiction as well. I have a good eye for the big picture—pacing, plot holes, consistency, and those kinds of things.

In addition to working for publishers, one thing I’m really interested in is helping writers who are looking to self-publish or who want an editorial eye before they submit to publishers or agents.

More people than ever are choosing to self-publish, and one way to make your book stand out is to have a polished manuscript. Readers complain about inconsistencies, poor grammar and spelling, and formatting issues in self-published books. If you want your book to succeed, you need an editor to help you put out the best book you can.

I keep my rates reasonable and am willing to negotiate. To contact me about editorial work or to see my resume, send an email to editor (at) echoeditorial (dot) com.